You know how your days look while running your biz.

You know the ins and outs, the ups and downs.

Here's what comes from

working with me.

First things first.

 you need bookkeeping in your biz!

We all need bookkeeping if we own a business.  The quality or effectiveness is a variable that is determined by who does your bookkeeping. Some people are in the position to do it themselves by using widely available programs and it makes sense for them at the time. Others need (or want) more freedom to focus on the reason they started their business and would rather outsource. Some rely soley on their CPA who is highly trained and educated to perform tax planning/filing and wealth planning (among other things) , both of which are nearly impossible when the books aren't done properly.

Imagine your worry about bookkeeping stops the moment you take a photo of your receipt or email your bill to me.

Imagine you delivered clean, prepared, high-quality reports to your CPA at tax time which saves you money, time, and stress

Imagine you meet with your CPA quarterly with clean, up-to-date financials that allowed for any needed adjustment in your tax plan that benefits you and your business.


now let's break it down

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All financial transactions are recorded, reviewed + reconciled monthly. This includes 2 accounts, up to 100 transactions. Need more? We can add accounts & increase transactions for additional investment.  Reconciliation is the difference between your bank balance and how much cash you really have. They can be very different! No more loose, willy-nilly transactions that sneak up on you.

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Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows are provided every month along with notes (queues). These reports are made up of all the reconciled transactions and will provide you with a high quality tool to make quick + informed decisions for your business. The queues will serve as the "quick grab" highlights to help get you the most out of your reports as quickly as possible. 

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We all need to bend an ear on occasion, I happen to love the collaboration so much, I plan for it! That's what the monthly ZOOM meeting is all about. A monthly video chat gives you the dedicated time to ask questions, get clarification, talk about systems and ideas, share what's on your mind, review how the month went, what's coming up in the next month, etc. You also get UNLIMITED EMAIL SUPPORT. Got a question that's keeping you up at night? Lay it on me!

services starting at $300 per month


Are you looking for even more?

that's awesome!

Additional services like historic clean up, receipt management, customized reports,

benchmarking, budget creation & more. Just ask!