I'm Amy, founder and head number wrangler at Relevant Bookkeeping Solutions.

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Having spent the last 20 years in hospitality leadership, I learned that systems and processes (or lack of) can make or break your operation. When the foundations have been laid and plans well thought out, the daily flow can be like a perfect dream. On the flip side, without the thoughtfulness, it can be a terrible nightmare. I've experienced (which means I created) both types of days. I prefer one over the other. Don't you?

I finally learned my lesson. I always knew how important it all was. What I needed to learn was that I would always need to fight for it.


It was in the fight that I found the thing that I have to offer the world.

You start in one place and need to adapt quickly and regularly..I remember how much easier those adjustments were when we did it as a team.  Everybody has their own strengths and having the right people working together was a

game changer.

Bookkeeping in your business is exactly the same. I believe the bookkeeping process to be one of the most, if not the most, valuable systems you can invest in for your daily business operations. Transactions occur daily so the system to manage them should also function on the same frequency. No?

Mix in a partner to help you by using their strengths and

specializing in what you need. 

You will be unstoppable.

I happen to really enjoy the bookkeeping process. Searching for anomalies, solving the problem, adapting to the nuances, implementing systems, streamlining processes, planning and analyzing reports are the gasoline to my fire and even more so when I get to help other people. 

I am excited for the opportunity to serve business owners like you that want to grow and invest in their businesses with balance and confidence. I want to provide information, inspiration, services and support that will allow you to peacefully pursue your passions while enjoying profits and freedoms to live the life of your dreams. 

Having something on your list everyday that just makes you want to quit can quickly suck the joy out of your days, which I know all too well. 

What drives me daily is my family. I have two boys, two dogs (also boys...), and I married the boy I met in 10th grade. I believe laughter is strong medicine (I'm addicted) and hospitality is a state of mind. I love what I do and get to spend my days pursuing my own passion for which I am so grateful.

Feel free to email me at amy@relevantbookkeeping.com if you have questions about working together or click here to grab an available time! 



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Amy Sprowles, Owner/ProBookkeeper

Amy Sprowles, Owner/ProBookkeeper